Forced To Live In Such A Cruel World

by Rejiem

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released June 14, 2016

Recorded By Mark Geanakakis
Artwork By Juliet Bastianelli



all rights reserved
Track Name: Eternal slave
Sun eclipsed by the shadowed moon. Encased by darkness, lifeless entombed. Numb to this cold, weak grows my heart. Evil Sprite summoned to rip apart.

Winters Eternal Slave x2

Misery and woe go hand and hand. Mother Earth is punishing man.
Withered down, stripped to the bone. Winters come but how would we've known?

Winters Eternal Slave x2

Monstrous presence hovers behind, paranoid we look but there's nothing to find. Winters eternal prey.
Track Name: Imperialist
Sit back on your throne of shit, follow the plan of the imperialist skit. A plan carried out from day one, put into action till they've won.

Ship out the troops and make up a reason. Just say their fighting for our freedom. Pick a nation that they've banned, just to rape and plunder foreign land.

Thousands die for nothing more then a lie.
Track Name: 無意味な流血
Track Name: Scorn
I dream of the day;
When I can gouge out the eyes, of the face I despise. Rip out the putrid heart, watch as it slowly reverts.

I dream of the day;
When I can watch you decay, back to the soil stay. Where you'll wish death came, will you'll die in shame.

I dream of the day;
When you'll be put to death.
Track Name: Hound
Is this what it's like, looking through half glazed eyes? The air that I breath becoming stale, world that I see is so unfair.

The longer I wait the more that I feel. This is a mistake, suffocate.
Suffocate on my own mistake.

Locked into life it doesn't seem right. I never asked for this, it feels like I don't even exist.